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Audio-Visual Solutions

iTechs customizes audiovisual solutions that suit every space, budget, and vision, tailoring solutions with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology for :

  • Access Control (AV Intercom)
  • Meeting Rooms (AV Presentations & Video Conferencing)
  • Theatre Systems (Sound Systems, Visual effects, AV Recording...etc.)
  • Interpretation Systems
  • Video Walls, LCD & LED Displays.

Solution 1 VENTUZ 3D Software

Ventuz is a real-time graphics content creation, authoring and playout control software. It is designed for high-end use in any area of audiovisual content production. Be it professional presentations, video wall setups, multi-touch applications or broadcast graphics, Ventuz guarantees finest design paired with robust stability and full functionality, even when integrated into complex hardware and software systems. Ventuz is truly unique on the market of real-time
3D visualization. Not only does it offer a multitude
of possibilities to create compelling content with complete freedom of design, but additionally it
presents an intuitive workflow that does not require any programming skills. This results in a broader variety of markets and companies using high-end 3D visualization to bring their data and information to partners and customers in intriguing ways. From product launches to exhibition booths, from live TV events to digital signage networks, from interactive experiences to large-scale show projections, Ventuz is the perfect tool to create astounding content.

iTechs Egypt Audio and Visual Solutions holograms, screens, monitors, 3D projections, curved projection.
iTechs Egypt Audio and Visual Solutions Touch table screens for large interaction.
Solution 2

Touch Screen Tables

The Touch Screen Table is a seamless modular multitouch display that allows multiple users to simultaneously interact and explore desired content. It facilitates the assembly of any display size with flexibility that allows any shape installation to be created. Whether rounded or curved, displays can be integrated horizontally or vertically.

Solution 3

Hologram Tables

Hologram tables are large, flat surfaces with an embedded projection system. The device projects objects inside that look like they are rising out of the surface of the table up to roughly 1 meter.

iTechs Egypt hologram tables for 3D projection for meetings and conferences.
iTechs Egypt hologram tables for 3D projection for meetings and conferences.
Solution 4

Hologram Display

The Live Hologram Display is part interactive presentation station, part magic trick. Imagine a floating hologram of your product, a holographic spokesperson (or your CEO) conducting a presentation, or even an interactive hologram in the palm of your hand.

Solution 5

Sliding Screen

The Sliding Screen is motorized screen designed to reveal content based on its position creating an X-Ray effect to show details about the object behind it whether it was a backdrop, a car or a timeline. The Sliding Screen is designed to connect the digital and physical world through the movement.

iTechs Egypt sliding touch screens that works as x-ray to reveal products.
iTechs Egypt curved projection of monitor for a wide screen display. HD and 4k display
Solution 6

Curved Projection

Using multiple projectors to project images on virtually any surface, no matter what the size or type, we are up for it. We cover indoor and outdoor venues with our custom designed content for Permanent installation at Museums etc.

Solution 7

Holographic Stage

Project manage the installation of large-scale 3D Holographic Stages. It is a large-scale Hologram stage system that allows for life-like, life-size images to be displayed that will amaze your audience. The hologram stage projections can 'wow' and captivate your audience like never before. There is no need for 3D glasses, the holographic projection techniques that we use means that the 3D holograms appear to float on stage with astonishing depth.

iTechs Egypt holographic stage solution for events large-scale 3D Holographic Stages.
iTechs Interactive large screens for your business facility.
Solution 8

Interactive Touch Screen

The interactive touch screen reveals itself to you in its a sleek and ultra- resistant design centered at the heart of its research. Building emotion and mixing it with a high level of technology. It displays itself under incredibly sculpted, pure, and edged lines, bringing together the latest technological advances, and a unique touch-sensitive level, which provides palm rejection with exceptional accuracy while maintaining fluidity and responsiveness.

Solution 9

Digital Brochure

The Digital Brochure is a creative communication medium that uses projection mapping on any physical object whether it was a model of a brochure or a book in any size. Ranging between simple image interactive touch projection or gestures, the living brochure is and video projection to even hand swipe and a novel tool to attract, entertain and inform your audience by bringing your information to life.

iTechs Egypt Digital brochure for viewing your product and services online.