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IoT & Artificial Intelligence Solutions

iTECHS is among few system integrators that can implement IoT services E2E covering the full ecosystem of sensors, gateways, network coverage, management platform and applications & analytics.

Our IoT expertise knowledge covers wide range of solutions such as smart cities solution, smart assets and agriculture.

  • Spectro Cold Chain
  • Spectro Tanks
  • Spectro Palms
  • Spectro Assets

Spectro Cold Chain


IoT, which includes embedded sensor technologies to facilitate the digitization of supply chain, offers businesses with increasing opportunities, including digital business planning, digital response and supply, logistics, and supply chain collaboration through data-driven insights, which enable real-time intervention through real-time analytics and insights with a scalable platform.

Itechs Egypt offers Cold Chain and Supply Chain Solutions.

Spectro Tanks


Spectro Tank© is wireless tank monitoring solutions that lets you check fluid levels in multiple tanks, across multiple sites, all from your computer or smartphone for real time access to data you can use to reduce your costs, improve your efficiency fand expand your customer base. As a Spectro Tank© customer you will have 24X7 access to your tanks critical data to make the smartest management decisions. Specifically, Spectro Tank© takes raw data such as tank level, temperature other storage criteria captured from Spectro tank sensors and translates it into actionable information, graphics and maps that agri-business, petroleum, restaurant and a host of other industries can use to drive new efficiencies in storage tank management and overall business operations. Spectro Tank© enables companies in different sectors including agriculture, fertilizers, oil and gas, water and chemical to successfully monitor their tanks remotely whether they have large bulk storage tanks or small tanks.

Spectro Palms


Spectro Palm is a Complete Solution that uses Bioacoustic sensors to measure key parameters in palm trees’ farms in regular basis, with no need for human intervention. This data is collected in a central platform that uses sophisticated algorithms and tools to monitor, analyze, and provide early detection and alerts of possible threats.

Red palm weevil (RPW, Rynchophorus Ferrugineus) is one of the world’s major invasive pest species and is the single most destructive pest of some 40 palm species worldwide (e.g., date palm, coconut palm, and royal palm). RPW exist in more than 60 countries worldwide (including the GCC, Mediterranean, East Asia and part of Europe). RPW is extremely difficult to detect in the early stages of an infestation because there are very few externally-visible signs that the pest has taken over a tree, around 80 percent of the pest's life-cycle is hidden from view feeding within the apical growing point of the palms creating extensive damage to palm tissues and weakening the structure of the palm trunk. For extremely tall species, an infestation in the crown of the tree is even harder to detect. Once an infestation has taken hold it is too late to save the tree. Therefore, only preventive actions are really effective and the development of efficient early detection mechanisms is a critical element of RPW pest management systems.

Itechs Egypt offers Bioacoustic sensors for palm trees.
Itechs Egypt offers smart assets management system.

Spectro Assets


Many companies which have assets on premise or are spread across geographies have a horde of problems to deal with. Like poor health of assets, excessive maintenance costs, high mean time to repair, theft, pilferage, underutilization, under performance and more. Spectro Systems IoT-enabled Smart Asset Management brings in a more holistic approach to asset management and asset monitoring rather than a module-based approach. Our IoT-enabled Smart Asset Monitoring provides the right visibility for organizations to overcome these challenges. The key advantage of Spectro solution is the ability to get to the domain data and seamlessly integrate it with a unified solution so that the management has insights to make the right decision. IoT solutions bring in the inherent value of Automation, Innovation, and Digital Transformation.